Maximizing Time

Time is our most important asset because we can never get it back.

Recently, student-athlete time demands have been a hot topic among student-athletes and universities, many complaining about the limited time that student-athletes have in their days. I believe that with proper planning and an efficient routine, time should rarely be a problem. Here are some things that I do to maximize my day.

Listing 2-4 of the most important things that you MUST get done tomorrow. Once identified, I attempt to do these things before all else and take care of them in their entirety. Timing issues do arise which cause me to complete a task at the end of the day, but as long as they are accomplished I am content. When I am able to finish the most important things on my docket that day, it usually decreases my anxiety and reduces stress.

  • Visit professor during office hours
  • Finish paper for Marketing 300
  • Do Laundry
  • Write a blog for Slice of Growth. Nailed it!

30-minute planner. I’ll be honest when I say that I don’t always hold myself accountable to this one as it can become tedious, but the detailed manner in which it’s structured definitely amplifies my focus. When I do, though, my days are very efficient and productive. It is a great way to live in the present moment and can facilitate a more intentional day. The detail and short time intervals make it obvious when I am not on schedule and what I need to do to adjust it.

2:00: Finish class and walk home for lunch

2:30: Eat and Relax

3:00: —-

3:30: Head to the field for baseball training

4:00: Baseball training

Creating a chart that divides my normal day into segments. I try generating it in a way that can properly guide my day-to-day life. It is a visual representation of my daily mission to stay on track. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or that my life is unbalanced, I have this to fall back on. At times, I become lazy and procrastinate which ultimately impedes my ability to have a balanced schedule. My goal each day is to maximize my time in the Y.I.N., or M.I.N section, which stands for Your/My Interests Now. This is basically my free time or anything else that I want to fill it with. When my life is balanced, I usually have a great amount of M.I.N. time.


I will definitely continue to utilize these strategies after my college career!



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