Book Notes: Movement Matters


Outsourcing Our Movement


‘Convenience’ is not as much about saving time and is more about reducing movement. Today we pretty much always default for easier movement.

  • Ex.) Starting a fire, doing laundry, ordering groceries online

I really like the perspective switch that she talks about which encourages us to think of movement in a different way. I’ve taken notice to it a lot more since reading this, it’s actually fun to look for opportunities to move throughout the day.


The idea of changing your mindset towards movement made me think of N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogeneis)

NEAT, is basically all the activity that you do when you are not sleeping, eating, or exercising.  Our N.E.A.T.’s are hindered because of the convenient lives that we live.

It’s interesting once you actually begin paying attention to this.

– “Difference between comfort and contentment comes from living through great discomfort” (Dean Karnazes, The Road to Sparta)   

Stacking Your Life


Stacking your life – First I thought it was a fancy word for multitasking but…

“same portion of time fulfills multiple obligation” (Movement Matters)

Approach -> Becoming more efficient – Doing more with less.

1st, identify needs.


My visual thoughts on stacking ^^^ Stacking = fluent, efficient


Multi-Tasking= Trying to do a bunch of things at once and not doing any of them particularly well.

Stacking= Identifying what’s important to you and you have managed to find ways to achieve multiple desired outcomes in the same block of time.

  • Example for myself= A morning workout outside
    • Gets me moving early in the day
    • Gets me outdoors
    • Allows me to have quiet time to myself
    • Get a workout in and makes me feel better going into work

Minimalism + Maximalism


My biggest takeaway from this section was pretty much that minimizing is actually a way to help you maximize and optimize. Minimalism=Maximalism


– Reforming minimalism to maximalism > More opportunities

– Every decision should be made based on your mission

– I think it’s important to identify a team’s core values, or identify words/phrases that you want to live by, then put actual, tangible actions that exemplify these values – real life examples.

– Deep down everyone may have a mission, people just don’t always put it in to words.

Tree of Life

Knowledge=Awareness of Facts

Wisdom=Applying knowledge to live optimally

The Tree:

Insights=Roots that ground us to own truth

Wisdom=The Trunk

Knowledge=Air + Water + Sunlight

Seeds of Tree=Mechanism for sharing

Nailing It

“If we live our lives by this definition of success, we are doomed to stress and misery. True success is living by our values.”


Daily struggle to strive for perfection – The better you become at something, the more you enjoy it.

LOVE the idea of “Nailing it.” To me, that phrase is the closest humans can get to perfection?

Focus on the small wins (Little positives)

1% better each day

VALUES -> important


This was definitely my favorite part of the book as well. It’s an easy concept to understand but actually a tough one to put into practice. Although, if you’re able to actually determine success from living by your values, it allows you to focus on the little things that really matter.

Luke & Jake:

Words or Phrases that we want to live by:

  • Hard-Working + Optimistic
  • Health + Nourishment
  • Strength + Movement
  • Fun + Play
  • Kind + Generous




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