Book Notes: Fail Fast, Fail Often




“Trust your enthusiasm and allow it to guide you, act boldly with minimal preparation, and leverage your strengths for rapid change.”

Fun Meter

This was one of my favorite concepts from the book. Your uncle has created a brand new watch called the Fun Meter. Essentially, what it’s able to do is measure how much fun you are having and rate it on a scale of 1-10. Here’s the scenario:

Your uncle tells you that you will get $100 million if you are able to keep the meter above a 7 for a full year.

  • What would you do to stay above a 7?
  • What would your first action be?

Fun scenario to think about. I have no idea what my first action would be but I’d love to hear the first action of my friends and family members.

Successful People Take Action As Quickly As Possible

Note: Successful people take action as quickly as possible even though they may perform badly at first.

  • Instead of trying to avoid mistakes, they actively seek different opportunities where they can learn quickly.

Favorite Quote from the book; “Feeling afraid or unprepared is a sign of being in the space for optimal growth.” 

  • If I take a look back at all the moments when I felt afraid, nervous, or unprepared, I notice that it all took place when I was put in a situation or environment that gave me an opportunity to grow.
    • Ex.) Starting college, making a decision to keep playing baseball after being injured, moving away to Phoenix, moving to LA.

Think Big, Act Small

  • When you find yourself unprepared on how to move forward, it generally means that it is time to stop focusing on your major (difficult) goals and start focusing on accomplishing a small goal.

Failure Is What You Make It

  • The best way to gain confidence is to take action. Negative feelings shouldn’t ever stop you.
    • I think this is something that sports help teach. Which is the idea that the easiest way to gain confidence is by increasing repetitions and doing something over and over again. Repetitions allow you to fail, learn, and grow. It applies to pretty much anything. Ex.) Sales calls, running a meeting, or running a marketing campaign, etc.
  • Failing is an opportunity to learn from it and keep moving forward.
    • It sounds cliché but it is true. If you’re able to think of a failure as an opportunity to learn, then you’re already one step ahead of most people. Most will stop as soon as they feel a sense of failure.
  • Fail as soon as possible and then fail again and learn from it.



One thought on “Book Notes: Fail Fast, Fail Often

  1. Love this Luke. I was just speaking with a friend the other day about how I wouldn’t change anything that has happened in my 57 years of life. Even the failures or bad things as they have made me the stronger and wiser person that I am today. Thanks for sharing and motivating to continue to pursue opportunities out of my comfort zone.


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