Top 10 Bars in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale might be my favorite city in America. It’s the first place I lived right after college and I loved absolutely every second of it. It has the best mix of weather, entertainment, food, and people in my opinion. There aren’t many places or cities where most of the bars also have their own pool. It’s incredible and it makes for the best version of day drinking. Day drinking in water. Also, this is the only place I’ve been that offers free golf cart rides from bar to bar. So genius.

Old Town Scottsdale is split up into 2 parts pretty much. There’s “Old Town” which is where tourists go to shop and find themselves a perfect dinner spot like Barrio Queen or Olive and Ivy. Then there is the “Entertainment District” which looks a lot like a mini Vegas. Bar after bar with golf carts and people flowing through the streets. Therefore, heres a quick list of my favorite bars in my favorite city.

10.) Giligan’s


This bar is great if you and your crew are looking for a grungy but fun night. The greatest part about this bar is that all the bartenders are midgets. What a booming concept. Not only are they little but they’re also a lot of fun. The guy bartenders offer free drinks if girls show them their tata’s and they’re also always willing to take a body shot off any customer.

9.) Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row


As far as setup and venue, Whiskey Row is one of the best. It has a huge dance floor and a great bar in the middle of it. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is because it is a country music bar which is not the genre of my liking. That being said, I’ve had fun every time I’ve been there because the crowd is always in a good mood square dancing their hearts out.

8.) Maya Day and Night Club


As you can see in the picture, this is what I’m talking about in regards to bars with pools in them. Maya is probably the most well known club in Scottsdale because this is the place where performers like Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, and Calvin Harris play. I love Maya during the day, but it’s not my favorite in the night time. I can never see because there’s always smoke and lights firing off like crazy. That being said, this place on a Saturday afternoon is a blast.

7.) The District


Just another incredible bar located right in the middle of all the madness. This is actually attached to Maya and makes for a great place to start the night if you want to start out with a full view of Old Town to see what spots are busy. The District usually has a great DJ so the vibes are always good.

6.) Hi Fi


Hi Fi is right on the corner in Old Town and has a great little outdoor seating section. Hi Fi has the best Fish Bowls in OT. By “best” I mean drinking 1 Fish Bowl will send you on the fast track to extremely drunk and shirtless.

5.) El Hefe


El Hefe is a little smaller in comparison to the others. As you can see in the photo, there isn’t much of a dancing area. That’s why this place is so much fun if you and your crew can get a booth. Getting a table means all of you can stand up on top of them to dance. Something about dancing on a table makes you feel unstoppable.

4.) Bevvy


Bevvy always seems to the be the last resort because there is never a line. Even though it’s never the top choice, I’ve always had a great time going there. It’s a great spot to watch a game and request whatever song you’d like to the DJ. They also offer rubber ducky shots which is exactly what it sounds like. You take a shot out of a rubber ducky.

3.) Bottled Blonde


The women here are gorgeous. Both the bartenders and people in there are great looking. It’s another great place to go to because it’s big and you can decide to dance or get a table with your friends. This bar actually turns into a sea of red during the football season for Ohio State games. I’m a Michigan fan but it’s actually a blast to go Bottled Blonde on Saturdays to hang out with the Ohio State crowd. It’s honestly incredible. I’d much rather watch a game like that in that atmosphere than actually attend a game.

2.) Wasted Grain


This was my favorite place to meet people after work. It’s located right next to the Yelp office so tons and tons of recent grads walk right over to Wasted Grain around 5pm. The Zenefits office also used to be right across the street so most of their employees would carry their party at work right on over to Wasted Grain. If you know anything about Zenefits and their culture, you know what I’m talking about. I love going to this place for sports because you have great indoor and outdoor seating. The only knock against this place is that it is a Michigan State bar on Saturdays during football season. Besides that, this place rocks.

1.) RnR


There aren’t many bars that start off Sundays with a DJ blaring music at 8:30am. Sunday morning is always a race to RnR to get a table and start the $26 journey to Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. The drunk food + the sugary mimosas make for an unbelievable start to your Sunday and a brutal beginning on Monday. The receipt for my group the last time I was there said 182 Mimosas. I was proud of every person’s effort because that takes a lot of courage.  RnR also holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first bar that my Dad and I went to when I moved there. We actually went there back to back nights because of their great lollipop wings and TV screens.



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