A.D.D in Fitness

Bigger, faster, stronger, circuit training, P90x, Insanity, Crossfit,Running, Dog Walking, Snowboarding, Biking, Swimming, Hot Yoga and The Rack.

As a 27 year old, I would like to think I have tested many different fitness concepts, ideas and beliefs but have yet to find the one that “drives me.” My attention span for each of these different concepts lasts about 6-9 months before I am looking for the next best thing, or just some freaking time off. Below are my personal thoughts on each of these concepts over the course of my 27 years. Let’s start with bigger/faster/stronger.

High School: This idea/concept was introduced to me when I was an 8th grade student in Cincinnati, OH. My entire school district fell into this model of training back in 2003. I remember attending a two hour class with my dad on the purpose of weight training and how to lift properly. Just like anything as a kid, it went in one ear and out the other. For the next 4 years of High School, I spend my time trying to lift heavier than my friends, do workouts faster in order to achieve the goal of being Bigger, Faster and Stronger. Solid training if lifting properly, with quality form. I unfortunately had two labrum surgeries post HS which set me back a bit in my training escapades.  

College: Crushed it! Just like everything in college I did whatever I f-ing felt like, no science behind it, just got it done. Freshman year I played basketball and did the simple college workout of biceps,triceps and abs. I would do the occasional running or biking if I wanted to be seen by the ladies upstairs. This was basic knowledge at Miami of Ohio.

As I progressed through my years, I moved further and further away from the recreation center, which made me change and adapt. Hello P90x!! Sophomore and Jr. year of college P90x became my life, I could do most of the workouts in my room in the frat house and not have to put up with everyone at the rec center. I ended of losing 10 pounds and leaning out like a monster (shredded!!).

SQUIRREL!! Just like that, it’s senior year and I am no longer P90x man, well I was only doing the Ab P90x but whatever, I had moved on to “The Rack!” This contraption changed my world for my senior year, only leaving my apartment to eat and drink, I crushed this thing daily. If you have no idea what “The Rack” is, you are missing out….well not really, but still. This glorified walker made my senior year a gym with a whole lot of curls, triceps and abs. Then I graduated!

Freshman Yr. of Life: Insanity/Running became my two new favorite ways to workout. Graduate college at 185 pounds, within 4 months I was at 175 pounds and felt amazing! There is something to be said about quality yoga and especially hot yoga. I was a full blown yogi. I ran in the mornings and took yoga classes in the evening. Life was simple and I loved it. No thinking, no programming just a whole lot of doing. Truly considering going back to this lifestyle. I just don’t like being that small in the world of bigger is better.

Sophomore/Junior Yr. of Life: Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit. Need I say anymore? This was a long stint as I was rehabbing my shoulder and trying to build strength all at the same time. My body ached all the time, but I embodied the ideas of crossfit, beer and donuts. Soon weighing my heaviest at 210 pounds.

Senior Yr. of Life (4th yr. Real world): Joined my wife on a journey to Charlotte to work with a fitness concept that is sweeping the nation. But just like everything prior, my excitement for circuit training dropped quickly and I was ready for something new.
Now I am here, five years out of college and still trying to figure out what the heck I want to do. Why not combine running, swimming (I can’t) and biking? Stay tuned for my next adventure……. Training for a Triathlon (Sprint).




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