January 11th, 2017 – College Athlete Training

Barbell Warm-up – 3X5 each


Clean Pull (From the knee)

Back Squat

Forward Lunges

Clean Pull (2 from the ground + 2 from the knee)

1X4 (Warm-up)

3X4 65%

Back squat

1X5 50%

1X5 55%

3X8 60%

Barbell Step Ups (Reps = each leg)

3X6 (Explosive)

DB 3 Way Lunge (For, Lat, Rev = 1 rep)

3X3 (explosive)

Tabata Squats – Body weight – AMRAP During work bouts

20 seconds On/10 seconds off – 8 rounds

Plyo Circuit

Box Jumps – 3X4 (Explosive)

Kettle Bell Swings – 3X10 (Explosive)

Broad Jump – 3X4 (Explosive)

Speed Skaters – 3X20 (Explosive)

Torso – 3X10

OH sit-ups

Suitcase sit-ups

Windshield wipers







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