January 8th, 2017 – College Athlete Training

Dynamic Warm-up

20 jumping jacks

20 cross-country skiers

Push up series 5+5+5

20 Tall Windmills

10 Gunslingers

20 Internal/External Rotations

Bench Press

1X5 – 55%

3X10 – 65%

Regular Sets (Do all of 1 before going to 2 ETC.)

1. Weighted Pushups – 3X8 (1,1,2 second tempo)

2. Barbell bent over row (Reverse Grip) – 3X8 (1,1,2 second tempo)

3. DB ALT. Incline Bench – 3X6 (1,1,2 second tempo)

4. Med Ball Slams – 3 sets for 15 seconds each (Explosive)

The “Shoe”

1. Barbell or DB Skull Crushers – 3X6 (1,1,2 second tempo)

2. Tricep Press downs – 3X6 (1,1,2 second tempo)

Forearm Superset

1A. DB Wrist EXT/FLEXION – 3X10

1B. Towel Hangs – 3 for 20 seconds each (Always attempt to better your time!)

Cage (Abs)

– GH Raise – 3X6

ECC. Candlesticks – 3X6

Hanging Knee Raise – 3X6

Explosive Speed Training/Conditioning

The NFL playoffs are here! Perfect time for all of us washed up gridiron stars to toss the pigskin around.

  1. Grab some buddies and a football
  2. Find a place where you have some space to move
  3. Anything goes – 1 vs. 1 WR routes, Oklahoma Drill, Punt Returns, etc.

It’s a great way to sweat a little bit and reopen the yearbook.


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