January 6th, 2017 – College Athlete Training

Dynamic Warm-up

40 jumping jacks

40 cross-country skiers

10 grouchos each leg

10 body weight squats

10 good mornings

Ankle mobility – 5+5+5 each ankle,

Single Leg Bucks – 1X10 each

Rack squats – 2X8

Leg Press or Pit Shark







1A. Reverse Victory Lunges – 3X6 EA.

1B. DB RDL – 3X6


Barbell Hip Extension – 3X6

Step Up + Tuck Jump – 3X6

DB Lateral Raise – 3X8 – (2,1,4 second tempo)

Lateral hurdle hops – 3X10 (Explosive)

DB Post Shoulder (On Bench) – 3X8 (2,1,4 second tempo)

Gunshow Superset

1A. DB Bicep Curls – 3X8 (2,1,4, second tempo)

2A. Tricep Press downs – 3X8 (2,1,4 second tempo)

Cage (Abs)

Russian Twist with press – 3X12

Pikes – 3X12

Windshield Wipers – 3X20

Explosive Speed Training

Bungee Cord Resistance Get-outs with obstacle (cone, hurdle, etc.)

3X10 – Full speed out, resist when coming back in

Picture: Connect the resistance cord to a Wall or another person.







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