May 20th, 2019

Part B and C repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress A. Squat Cleans 1 rep every 30 seconds x 20 sets (10 min) @ 50-60% of max The goal is to strive for technical improvement on every rep! Go into each rep with something in your mind that you intend to focus and … Continue reading May 20th, 2019


May 19th, 2019

A. 10 Rounds 10 Bench Press (Narrow Grip) 5 Machine Shoulder Press 10 Cable Row 20 Situps B. 3 Rounds AMRAP 1 Min: DB Lateral Raise w/ Hold AMRAP 1 Min: Ring Rows AMRAP 1 Min: DB Flies AMRAP 1 Min: Bentover Flies C. 5 Rounds 5 DB SA Push Press/side 5 DB Hang Snatch/side … Continue reading May 19th, 2019

May 16th, 2019

Part A, B and C repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress A. Incline Barbell Press (approx 60-65 degree angle if possible) 3 sets of 15 reps *Hybrid Shoulder/chest movement with steep incline. *If your bench doesn’t move beyond the “standard 45-degree incline angle,” that is ok B. Strict Pull-ups x 3 sets Descending … Continue reading May 16th, 2019

May 15th, 2019

A. “Stop” Deadlift (means brief stop/pause on ground versus “touch n go” reps) SEE VIDEO DEMO 3 sets of 9 reps B. Barbell Hip Thrusts (see video demo) 3 sets of 15 reps C. Landmine “Double Leg” RDL (see video demo) 10 Reps every 90 seconds x 5 sets Keep weight light/moderate and just focus on sending … Continue reading May 15th, 2019