September 20th, 2019

A. 50 Devil's Press for Time B. 20 Minute AMRAP 10 Pull-ups 20 Push-ups 30 Air Squats 200m Run C. 12 Minutes on Treadmill :30 on (12mph) :30 off


September 19th, 2019

Part A repeats week to week. Track these metrics A. Alternate Movements x 4 sets each: 4 sets of 2-3 Reps (slightly heavier than 3-4 reps last week) (all sets approx 1 rep shy of failure) Rest between each as needed to optimize performance Barbell Bench Press   Strict (weighted) Pull-ups (pronated, neutral or supinated; … Continue reading September 19th, 2019

September 11th, 2019

A. 3 Rounds 20 Cal Air Bike 25 Air Squats B. Heavy Alt. Hammer Curls (Per arm) C. One Arm DB 5 sec negative Preacher Curl (Per arm) D. Single Arm Cable Tri-Pushdown (Per arm) E. Superset x3 Barbell Curls x20 Skullcrushers x20 F. Ab Pyramid (10-1) Ab Rollout Leg Raises