Globo Gym Workout

Foam Roll Barbell warm-up   4 Rounds Deadlift/PC/Front Squat (3ea) Pull Ups (8) Band Pull Apart (10)   Front Squats 4x3 KB drag to Push Up 4x4 (5 push) Band Woodchoppers 8/6/4   Zottman Curls 2x5 Bosu Ball Push ups 2x10   Sauna 20 min  

Yoga (Video) – 30 Minute Hip Opener

We have added a well-practiced yoga teacher to our team and she will be providing yoga sessions through Slice of Growth.  These will be easy to follow videos that can be used by beginners and experts. Along with many benefits, Yoga is extremely important for core strength, stability, and functional flexibility.  Maureen Bivens will guide you through exercises and full … Continue reading Yoga (Video) – 30 Minute Hip Opener